martedì 3 settembre 2013

The Pirates Party

It has been a hard work but all worth doing it! It has been a great party, it has been THE party. Or at least this is what we felt, our kids said and all friends confirmed.

So we are more than happy to have passed some sleepless nights cutting, pasting, cooking, decorating...


I can't explain how grateful we were also for the sunny, dry, mosquitoless... perfect time we had Saturday August 31!


In the end both hubby and I felt we have succeeded in keeping the kids attention till the end of the party, which is not easy work to do. The key of success has surely been the treasure hunt with a map to read and the final treasure chest full of presents for the kids attending the party. And for that I have to thanks again #lavandaitaliana 

 for providing the beautiful and unique lavanda bags for the little girls and @simoneniederstatter
for the amazing rag skulls pins for the boys and lovely pirate’s hats for Edoardo and Massimiliano!
Not to forget #ZuccheroMagie for the gorgeous design cake! Slurp :)

Also the fact of disguising all participants with pirate hats (white for boys and pink for girls), swords and waistline belts helped making the little guests feeling more pirates than ever.

A special thanks, for providing us some useful pirates's tools, to #Partytime,  a super company which has a huge amount of party gadgets!

The day after we received lots of “enthusiastic” phone calls from parents saying their kids had been yelling all night long “ahoy matey” or “all’arrembaggio!”

Thanks again to everybody contributing to this party and a special super thanks to hubby and my kids for being so special! Love you!!!

ps: couldn't post all pictures taken because of the age of the young participants. I've tried to select images where faces are not too much recognizable. Should anyone have any concern about anything please let me know.

Ps: should you need a kids party planner…don’t hesitate to call hotmum


9 commenti:

  1. Thank you too Lisa, for choosing me to make creations for your kids, i think the rag skulls pins it's funny idea for the little pirates... the hats are amazing!!! moms friends of Lisa contacts me for your children's parties.

  2. Dear Simone tour idea have added some special "style" to the party and I am sure somebody will contact you soon :) if not... I have already an idea for new party for Halloween!!!

  3. I LOVE HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! i see in my mind pumpkins, orange, violet, black, and oh oh oh ghosts!!!

  4. Sorry, but my english is not perfect! This's a fantastic party! Very compliment Lisa! Kiss!

  5. I think I've done a great work as photographer of the day! By the way, the pirated menu was delicious: Enrico and Riccardo appreciated a lot the "pepite d'oro"!!

    1. Indeed Nadia! You have done a great job! You're our special photographer that's why since ever we ask your contribution:)
      We all love you!!!