domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Today I am the chef

Today Edoardo insisted on cooking himself because...he had THE RECIPE! A healthy and flavored dish to cook for the whole family.

 I utterly followed his indications (he was in a sort of magic vegetable delirium) and we had a  gorgeous dinner soup :)
Love you, my tiny chef! Mom is sooo proud of you!!!


 2 potatoes
2 carots
1 leek
1 fennel
1 tbsp tomato sauce

Wash and peel all ingredients and put them all on a big pot. Add water until covering all vegetables and cook them for 40 minutes.
Mix and whisk all ingredients until they become a cream.
Add pasta (farfalline)

Enjoy hot!

1 commento:

  1. Bravo Edoardo ! Sei un creativo della cucina ! Infatti confermo che gli ingredienti li hai scelti tu da solo !!! Gimmefive!!!