giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Negative web (first attempts for Hallowen)

Thanks to my new baking tray, bought at
 and the easy peasy recipe from my friend Barbara, I have finally succeeded in getting a soft apple and chocolate cake.

Can’t believe me?!? It was my perfect cake, my big Wednesday cake (although it’s Thursday).
Usually, when I was baking this kind of cakes it was always a matter of too flat, too cooked, too dry, too small or too big. This time it was simply perfect!

And what I did to mess my first perfect soft cake up? I topped it black chocolate!
I wanted to make a white web with a spider on top…something to introducing Halloween. All of a sudden I realized I was having a black web.

I must say it is very good, though. But I was aiming at something else…


1 white yogurt (and then use the yogurt cup as measuring cup)
3 eggs
3 cups flour (00)
2 cups sugar
1 baking soda sachet
1 cup of oilseed
2 small apples (or any other fresh fruits you might like - not if you used a flavored yogurt)
chocolate drops

Put all ingredients of a food processor and then pour the mixture into a baking try. Cook for about  30 minutes at 160°C. Top it with white melted chocolate (using a sac-à-poche)

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