martedì 17 settembre 2013

Voilà les figues!

Autumn is in the air, revising a very famous song from John Paul Young
Willy-nilly I feel I need to take advantage from all the season’s fruits, before it gets too late. Especially because they are from my garden and I know exactly no one has ever given any kind of pesticides.

By result, most of the time we have to “divide the harvest” with tiny inhabitants of the garden: little worms loving the apples, caterpillars loving the pears and the prunes, birds and bees loving the figs…


Figs…there has always been a fig tree in my life: at my parents’ house, at my grandparents’ house, at my place. I feel I have a kind of  “Proust’s epiphany – à la madeleine” whenever I have a fig and remember when I used to play in my playground and every now and then pick a fig from the tree and run away because of the bees around it! My mother-in law- loves them with raw ham.
My hubby doesn’t like figs because little seeds stuck in between his teeth. Edoardo loves them when he is in the garden and grab them directly from the fig tree. For some unknown reason he doesn’t like them anymore when at home or in a cake. Massimiliano doesn’t even want to try a fig.
So I had this cake all for myself! And in one solution!!! I mean, I ate it all in one evening. But don’t take me wrong…it was a tiny cake.  It was gorgeous! I was very proud of myself…which barely happens when it’s a matter of cooking.

Here you are the very simple recipe for my friend Barbara who surely will have a far more better result than I did.

For the jam:

Figs -500 gr

Sugar – 4 tbsp

Cinnamon (powder)  – ½ a tsp

Marzemino red wine (but you can use any kind of red wine) – 2 tsp

Almonds (minced) – 3 tbsp

For the cinnamon crust pasty:

Sugarcane  - 360 g

Granulated sugar - 110 g

Butter -360g

Cinnamon powder -10 g

Eggs -90 g

Milk – 25 ml

Flour – 720 g

Baking powder – 10 g

Salt – 2 g

To decorate:

Figs cut in 4/4


And now Barbara I expect you to upload your result as I expect +michelaliverotti to upload in the blog her beautiful Pizza balls!


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  1. Ottimo dolce e facile da preparare...sempre che amiate le cose naturalmente zuccherose !