martedì 10 settembre 2013

The best down-to-earth baby manual ever!

I got this manual when I was expecting Edoardo, in 2008. A gift from my caring friend Marcello and since then I have been reading it over and over so many times in both my kids' first year.

This step-by-step seriously funny book is like a Bible to me and hubby. Through  instructions,  very schematic diagrams and exploring hundred of FAQ, it says and teaches what many other books do not about biological phases of the kid's first months.
Other books focus mainly on the emotional sides of new born's parents, forgetting new born's parents in early days  - and early nights sleepless-  are everything but emotional :)...they are crazy!
I warmely suggest this manual for all newly "installed" babies. You will discover how easy is to deal with diaper :) and have a laugh over it!

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