domenica 21 luglio 2013

My special tempura... Only for kids :)

I have asked my sister to get me some Panko from where she lives in Los Angeles, as you cannot find it in Italy. My friend Kyoko also taught me how to make it at home, so quoting her:

"if you cannot find Panko, it's actually really easy to make. Just freeze any bread and grate it with a cheese grinder. Although it might be better to dry the bread first by leaving it out on a kitchen table for a day, then freeze it so that the panko will become more crispy without any moisture.
Keep the leftover Panko in the freezer and reuse it some other day."
Nonetheless, one day I discovered that to make a wonderfully light and crunchy tempura I do not need Panko at all, do I?

Just get 200 ml of sparkling super cold water (put in the fridge for about one hour), 100 gr of superfine flour and one egg yolk. Mix in this order: yolk, water and flour without blending too much. Put the compound in the fridge until it's time to use it. Sunflower oil must be hot!
Pour the ingredients (those your kids prefer) in the compound and immediately after in the hot oil. You'll taste a great tempura :)
Any suggestions to make it even better, Kyoko?!?

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